Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Casey Crazy!

It seems everyone at the Jersey Shore is just
CRAZY for Casey!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Find Out What Happens

If you would like find out what happens to Casey & Phoebe, follow the link.

Good reading to you!


Friday, June 5, 2015

Chapter Twenty Two ~ Where Do We Go From Here?

“Nick, Nick, you up?” Zack snuck into Nick’s room and tapped him repeatedly on the shoulder. Nick responded with a moan and looked up at him sleepily, trying to figure out where he was and who was poking him.
“Yeah, what’s up?” Nick pulled himself from his stomach to a sitting position, rubbing his eyes trying to wipe the sleep from them and focus on the human form that was standing before him. “What’s going on? What time is it?”
“It’s me, and it’s about one. I screwed up. I really screwed up.” Zack sat on the bed next to Nick, his elbows propped on his knees, his head down and his hands rubbing through his hair. “I can’t believe I did that!”
“Whoa, hold on Zack, did what? What did you do?”
“I screwed things up with Casey. I went too far. Then instead of apologizing, I just took off on her without any explanation. I mean, I had to leave, you know?” He looked at Nick, obviously upset with himself, and continued, “I started to get out of control. I would have done something that we both weren't ready for — especially not her.”

Chapter Twenty One ~ Fourth of July High Jinks

The Friday night of the Fourth of July weekend was always one of the busiest days in town. The island seemed to explode with people — those who had summer homes, those who rented summer homes, and those who visited people who owned or rented summer homes. The streets were packed with cars, bikes and people walking around. There was always an electricity in the air as everyone was celebrating a long holiday weekend, great beach weather, and sporting some great sunburn. Inside the Palace, we were packed from the minute we arrived, until we were ready to close. The time flew by quickly, and that was good. Phoebe had almost no down time during which to grill me about Nick or Cate or anything else. I was spared the routine of having to cheer her up, and I had to admit that I had things on my mind tonight as well, namely my “date” with Zack to play some mini golf.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chapter Twenty ~

The day of the race had arrived. Nick was texting me since 7:30 with local wind conditions and forecasts, already strategizing as to what we would need to do to win. I suited up in yet another one-piece, and hopped onto my rusty cruiser and pedaled down to the Yacht Club. Other sailors had already gathered and were working on preparing their laser sailboats for the race. Nick was there as well, checking his sails and untangling lines. It’s always a pretty sight to see the small boats lined up along the shore ready to be launched, white sails against a light blue sky and darker blue water. Nick’s laser is easy to spot because his sail has a huge grey seagull painted on it. The seagull is Cranberry Cove’s symbol and it graces the water tower in town, greeting people as they arrive.

Chapter Nineteen ~ Body Surfer ?

I checked the calendar hanging on the refrigerator as I chowed down on my Frosted Flakes. Tomorrow is the race with Nick, and Fourth of July is two days after that. Two days after that, Zack will be leaving. Five more days of Zack and then my life will be back to where it was before, which was pretty darned uncomplicated. My thoughts were interrupted by Phoebe who had just arrived at my house with her beach bag. We would be heading up to meet Nick and Zack for some bodysurfing and boogie boarding, plans which were made last night between her and Nick while I was off gallivanting with Brown Eyes. She texted this morning when I was lying in bed still trying to figure out whether what had gone on last night was reality or a crazy dream. It surely wasn’t a nightmare. Zack had kissed me. I think I liked it. It was a soft kiss, not a kiss you’d expect from a hormonal teenage boy, but one that a gentleman would give. It was a nice, romantic, soft, gentlemanly kiss. Like Zack. Yes, it was a Zack kiss. Would I let him do it again? Yes, I think I would. I convinced myself I would definitely let him do it again.